History of the MTANSW

The Marine Teachers Association of NSW, formed on the 22nd September 1996, aims to:

  • promote, develop and publicise all aspects of marine teaching in NSW schools
  • encourage classroom marine teachers to play an active role in their professional development
  • foster links with other organisations interested in marine education
  • develop useful policy documents from time to time that will assist in the smooth running of the subject in schools
  • by means of general meetings, conferences, regional branches and a newsletter, disseminate and exchange information and ideas amongst those concerned with marine teaching
  • conduct regional events through its branches to promote safety and best environmental practice in the sea
  • encourage and support other events and promotions such as Lifejacket Promotions by Transport for NSW/Maritime ,Sydney International Boat Show(SIBS), National Water Week, Ocean Day, World Environment Day, SeaWeek and other Marine Environment Sustainability promotions
  • mentor new marine teachers in the Profession.

Since 1996, the MTANSW has concentrated on curriculum development, teacher support and promotion of Marine Studies and the newer Marine and Aquaculture Technology in secondary schools.